📅 2017

I started programming in 2017. I booted up Unity for the first time and started work on 'the next big game'. My dream game at the time was a Fox simulator game. This was, as you can probably imagine, not the best beginner project.

📅 2020

In 2020, I had a real boost in productivity and motivation. Partly because of the pandemic, but also because I was finally happy making small and fun games.

📅 2021

In 2021, I started work on my personal website. My goal was to create a place to show off my games and upload game assets and tools.

📅 2022

Here we are, 2022. It's already been 5 years :) I've been focusing a lot on design and making more assets for people to use.


🖥️ i7-11700K, RX6600, 24GB ram, 500gb ssd, 1tb hdd
💻 i5-9300, GTX1650, 8GB ram, 1tb ssd


This website has been through a lot of fases.

👉 fase 1

It started as a simple HTML website with only a couple lines of CSS.

👉 fase 2

The next version used Bootstrap .

👉 fase 3

Now that I was more experienced with CSS, I redesigned the site using vanilla CSS. This was a huge headache. It didn't look too good either.

👉 fase 4

The next iteration used NextJS for the code and Chakra-UI for the basic layout.

👉 fase 5

This is the latest version. This site was made with AstroJS and custom css.