how this site evolved


Welcome to! This website used to look a whole lot different!

vanilla html & css + bootstrap

In this post I am going to tell you about my experience building websites. I started my website making journey by using vanilla HTML and CSS. I quickly discovered Bootstrap and used it to create the first ‘real’ version of this site. Bootstrap site


I was sick of vanilla HTML and CSS and did some research.
This was the moment I discovered Javascript frameworks. More specifically: NextJS. I don’t have any screenshots of this version, I do remember that it was built using ChakraUI. The inspiration for this version came from a youtuber called devaslife.


I was looking around for new web-based technologies and found Astro, this changed everything! Astro is a web framework that ships no javascript to the browser by default. This meant that my sites could be a whole lot faster, especially if they didn’t need javascript. Astro site

I redesigned the site a couple of more times using Astro, the latest version is of course the one you are looking at!