Why I ditched Unity and switched to Godot .


I started using Unity in 2017.
I have a lot of experience in the editor and with the C# language.
I have grown to love and hate the engine. It is cluttered but powerful.
It is buggy but is also packed with features. You get what I mean.


I have always planned to move away from Unity .
This was primarily because of the ugly splash screen that basically said: "HEY YOU, THIS GAME WAS MADE WITH THAT ONE BAD ENGINE YOU KNOW"
When Unity went public on the stock market it all went downhill.
They merged with a malware distributor, the CEO called his userbase idiots and they kept buying random companies to keep the investors happy.
This is when I had enough, I wanted to switch to Godot .


Godot's node system is pretty similar to Unity's scene system.
Unity's events were easily replaced by Godot's signals.
This is the same for almost all features Unity has.