The lava is rising, pick a side.
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SIDE was made for the GeoJam (2022)


The theme for this jam was 'Pick a side'.
It was difficult to come up with a good idea.

1️⃣ Player fights battles and need to ‘pick a side’ when they win (positive impact) or lose (negative impact)

2️⃣ Player is in a lab and needs to pick sides each time he/she enters a new test-room. (There are 2 or more doors).Based on that decision, the room/goal will change.

3️⃣ Player has a soul, each level, the robot asks what side you pick. (Red or blue). Different puzzles! Soul leaves body and goes into the requested colored player.

4️⃣ Player is a soul and chooses body in the beginning of the game. Player ‘dies’ but soul escapes, system tries to kill soul but soul needs to find other body, which the system is trying to hide.

5️⃣ Player needs to pick a side and reach the bottom of the pit, fall damage system! Each side is randomly picked, hard and easy one.

6️⃣ Player chooses color in beginning of game and needs to find way out of puzzle, can move through blocks that are the same color as the player.

I went with idea number 6.